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Anti-SLAPP motion filed in Galloway lawsuit

In 2018, Glynnis Kirchmeier and I learned that we were being sued by Canadian author Steven Galloway in a column by Christie Blatchford published in the National Post.

Learn more about the lawsuit here: "Novelist Steven Galloway files defamation lawsuit over sexual assault allegations"

Glynnis and I were both involved in the debates referred to as #UBCAccountable that followed the suspension and subsequent termination of Galloway.

We are concerned that such lawsuits will deter future survivors from disclosing or reporting sexual violence and chill public speech about sexual violence in the public sphere. For this reason, we have both filed motions under the Protection of Public Participation Act also referred to as "Anti-SLAPP". SLAPP refers to a "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation". The intention of the legislation is to dismiss lawsuits that hinder public participation on matters of public interest. Other defendants have also filed anti-SLAPP motions on the matter.

I am currently working to raise money to cover my legal costs as well as the legal costs of A.B. in the Galloway lawsuit, who has also filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed under the PPPA. If you are able to donate, please consider it or share among your networks: Silence Breakers Legal Defense Fund

Legal Documents Filed:

Gray - Response to Civil Claim (Filed 2019)

Gray - Response to Civil Claim - Filed M
Download • 506KB

Kirchmeier - Response to Civil Claim (Filed 2019)

Kirchmeier - Response to Civil Claim fil
Download • 2.06MB

Gray - Affidavit for PPPA motion (Filed 2020)

Gray - Affidavit (1)
Download PDF • 11.77MB

Gray - Affidavit #2 for PPPA motion (Filed 2020)

Gray Aff 2
Download PDF • 2.27MB

Kirchmeieir - Affidavit for PPPA motion (Filed 2019)

Affidavit No 1 Glynnis Kirchmeier v2
Download PDF • 136KB

Kirchmeier - Affidavit # 2 for PPPA motion (Filed 2020)

Kirchmeier Aff 2
Download PDF • 5.04MB

Kirchmeier - Affidavit #3 for PPPA motion (Filed 2020, unfiled version here)

Kirchmeier Aff 3
Download PDF • 100.13MB

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